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Adult Social Activities

(Not applicable for Summer 2020 due to Covid-19)

The Yacht Club offers a variety of events for adults. Social events include our popular cocktail parties plus at least one other major event each month. These have included wine tastings, comedy nights, themed dances, scavenger hunts, and other fun events. Each month also includes a Dinner on the Porch, a casual bring-your-own (food and beverage) event with light entertainment. July also features our very popular Family Night, held under a tent at South Beach and featuring assorted activities for children. You can bring your own food, or buy from the vendors there. Family Night is followed by fireworks off of Main Beach. If you would like to donate to the fireworks, please use the “Fireworks Donation” link on our home page. The fireworks are funded only through your generous annual donations. No other Yacht Club funds are used for this purpose, nor are fireworks donations used to fund other Yacht Club events.

You must be a Yacht Club member to purchase tickets for these events. Members may purchase tickets for guests for most of these depending on capacity, cost, and other considerations. All events are listed on our calendar, and additional ticket purchasing and pricing information will be available prior to each event during the summer.

Other adult events open to our members have included bocce, card nights, volleyball, and sailing races. These events vary each summer so be sure to check the calendar for details.