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5-28-2020  COVID Update

It is with great sadness that the Board of Directors of the GLPYC announces that we will not be running our usual summer programs and events this year.


We have spent countless hours over the past two months trying to develop a revised plan that would allow us to operate classes safely, but, after reviewing the terms of Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7PP and its associated requirements along with guidance from US Sailing, the USTA, the American Camp Association and Gowrie (the company which insures most Yacht Clubs, including ours), as well as after consulting with other experts, we have decided that it is just not feasible.  Unfortunately, some of the very things that make the GLPYC programs so unique and special also make it impossible for us to run our programs safely and in accordance with the Governor’s current requirements for summer camps. 


Similarly, the current social distancing restrictions make it impossible for us to hold any of our usual adult, family, and youth social event and parties.  If those restrictions are lifted as the summer progresses and Connecticut hopefully moves into Phase 2 and Phase 3, we will certainly look to see what our options are for fun and safe, socially distanced events for our members.


On a personal note, as a former participant in and instructor at the GLPYC, this truly breaks my heart.  We know the loss of classes and activities comes on top of the loss of school, after-school programs, precious in-person contact with friends, and graduations and other celebrations.  And we know that many of you, the Board included, hoped that a “normal” summer would be a sign that this was over.  We wanted that too and share your sadness, but we have to do what is best for the safety of our members, staff and the overall community. 


Even though we cannot run our traditional programs and social events this summer, we are still looking for creative and safe ways to engage with our members of all ages, so please watch this space as we pivot and look for new opportunities to safely celebrate summer at GLP.  And please, please consider joining the Yacht Club this summer.  We need your support so that we can regroup for a fabulous 2021.  As always, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me or any member of the Board.


Amanda Gallagher