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(Not applicable for Summer 2020 due to Covid-19)

The sports program is similar to many physical education activities held in schools, focusing on a mix of cooperative and competitive games and activities. These classes are separated by age for purposes of physical development, coordination abilities, and safety. Sportsmanship and proper communication are emphasized and expected at all levels. All classes meet at the sports field. Children should wear proper footwear (sneakers or athletic shoes) and bring a filled water bottle.

Ages 5-6 start with parachute games, playing "cat and mouse" and popcorn to more advanced sports like basketball and football where drills are run to teach basic skills, followed by playing games. Other activities include t-ball, soccer, obstacle courses, kickball, "Nukem," and new games such as "Shrek."

Ages 7-9 include more advanced game playing where sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized. Sports played at this level include soccer, baseball, dodgeball, kickball, and flag football, along with games such as tag, freeze tag, "Capture the Flag," "Suicide," and "Nukem."

Ages 10-12 places more emphasis on rules while maintaining a sense of companionship and sportsmanship; developing skills, and having fun while making lifelong friends. Sports and games are similar to those in the 7-9 age group, with more attention to rules and sports etiquette.

Ages 13-16 places emphasis on further developing the skills of participants in competitive team sports. Sports played are soccer, basketball, baseball/softball, flag football, ultimate frisbee and volleyball. This is an opportunity for participants of varying athletic ability to learn to work together as teammates while increasing skills development and positive sportsmanship.

Note: All sports classes begin with proper stretching and a water break is provided at the mid point of the class.