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Youth Activities

(Not applicable for Summer 2020 due to Covid-19)

Our youth members are kept busy with a variety of activities for different age groups. For the youngest set, ages four to eight, we offer the Kiddie Dances, a long-time GLP tradition. One time each month is either the Costume Dance or the Hat Dance. Children can participate singly or in groups, and creativity is strongly encouraged! Meet at the lifeguard stand at Main Beach for a parade to Venetian before heading to Clark Hall for the dance and prizes.

The sports-minded have a variety of options. There are a series of meets: track, novelty (both at the sports field), and swim (South Beach). Children ages four to twelve can participate in these meets. Other sports activities such as volleyball (volleyball court) dodgeball (at the sports field), and basketball (court at the sports field) may also be offered. Check the calendar for details on the dates, activities, and ages.

One night a week, parents can take a little time off while their children enjoy the Kiddie Movies. There is a minimal fee, and the movies (all G or PG rated) are listed on our calendar. Teens have their own movie, later in the evening — check the calendar for details.

While they vary from year to year, there are other activities offered to youth and families—bingo, cards, or a dance, for example. Please check the calendar and the website for details.