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Other Classes

(Not applicable for Summer 2020 due to Covid-19)

Fine Art

There are two art classes: Introduction to Fine Arts and Advanced Fine Arts, for those ages nine and up. Both classes will focus on the various types of art and the artists that have defined it over time. Projects will involve various types and aspects of art in today’s society including drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography. Depending on the age group, participants might be doing photography or self-portrait drawing, watercolor fish, ceramics, three-dimensional design, print making, and colored pencil projects. No prior art education or experience is necessary.


Two levels of crafts classes are offered: Introduction to Crafts for those aged five to eight, and Advanced Crafts for those aged nine and up. Participants will develop projects from various materials and supplies that can be found around the house, expressing their creativity in a fun way. Projects such as kite making, duck tape crafts, jewelry making, mosaics, coiled baskets, paper mache, sand art, etc. will be incorporated into the classes depending on the ages and interests of participants. No prior experience is necessary.


This class will focus on the fundamentals of dance for beginners, including an introduction to different types of dance such as salsa, line dancing, tap, ballet, and contemporary. Prior dance experience is not required and all age seven and up are welcome to join.


This class provides a fun introduction to acting and theater basics for participants age eight and up and is lead by a professional theater teacher. The class culminates in a full-length performance at the end of each month.

Connecticut Safe Boating Course

If you are interested in the Connecticut Safe Boating Course, required to obtain a Connecticut boater’s license, please email the Yacht Club at If there is enough interest, this is usually offered on a weekend day in July. Minimum age is 12; there is also a minimum number required by the provider to run this class.

The following information is excerpted from the provider’s, Sound Environment Associates, website: This one-day course is designed to provide safe boating information and regulations in a clear, practical, and interesting format. The course material is presented by qualified instructors that use teaching techniques and visual aids to enhance the learning experience and keep the course fun and interesting for children as well as adults.

The course is approved by the state and NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators) and recognized by the United States Coast Guard. Under Connecticut state law, all boat operators must obtain a Safe Boating Certificate. All PWC operators must obtain a Certificate of Personal Watercraft. Completion of this course will qualify students to obtain the required certificate to operate both a boat and PWC.