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Adult Tennis


(**Classes not applicable for Summer 2020 due to Covid-19**)

We normally offer a variety of classes for adults.

Beginner/Tennis Fundamentals is for players who are new to the game of tennis and have little or no prior experience. The focus will be on stroke development and beginning to learn how to have a controlled rally and keep the ball in play.

Intermediate is for players with some tennis experience but who still need to develop better techniques and strategy. These players are ready to start rallying and playing live ball. Focus will be on consistency, footwork, and introduction to doubles strategy.

Advanced focuses on more advanced stroke production, shot selection, and doubles strategy and tactics and is for players who have had competitive experience and demonstrate stronger tennis skills. Players should be able to hit cooperatively with others and sustain a rally.

“Hit and Fit” will feature an hour of continuous faster pace drilling and point play with the focus on hitting lots of tennis balls and continuous movement. Music may be incorporated to promote exercise and fun. This is for competitive players who can hit cooperatively with others while sustaining a rally.

Tennis tournaments

We offer a variety of adult tennis tournaments each month. Our women’s tournaments are on Tuesdays and include a less formal draw tournament (just sign up, no partner needed), doubles, and singles. Finals for each of these tournaments are on Thursdays and you must be available for the finals in order to play in the tournament. Saturdays feature mixed doubles, and men’s singles and doubles. Finals for the mixed doubles and men’s tournaments are held on Sunday; you must be available in order to play.  

Adult tournaments are open to all Yacht Club members age 16 and over (those younger can play in our youth tournaments).  You must be a GLPYC member to participate.  

We are running tennis tournaments during Summer 2020!  Please log-in for more detailed information about signing up for tournaments during the Summer 2020.